Rachel Wotton

Originally Appearing on:

Scarlet Road

Director: Catherine Scott

Program: Differently-Abled

Running Time: 70 Minutes

Recommended?: Yes. The recent controversy about brothels being legalized in Toronto makes this documentary relevant, but the federal governments desperate attempts to appeal this decision make Scarlet Road a must see for any Torontonian.

Sporting a red t-shirt with whore unapologetically sprawled on the front, it’s obvious that Australian sex worker Rachel Wotton is anything but reserved when it comes to discussing sex. Wotton, now in her mid 30s, has spent the last 17 years involved in the sex trade industry in an Australian state where prostitution is legal and regulated. Wotton created Touching Base: an organization developed to educate and break taboos about sex work as well as instruct other sex workers about the proper protocol and procedures for servicing disabled persons, a largely unrecognized group who contribute to the sex trade and are proud of it.

While Director Catherine Scott entertains with Rachel’s sensual and seductive testimonies, it is really the incredible compassion Wotton has for others that echoes the loudest. In an time where Marijuana legalization and compassion clinics are hot topics in the media, it is a surprise that governments don’t look as kindly upon the sexual healing that Wotton and her affiliates bring their disabled customers. Its clients like John, whose 26 year long bout of multiple sclerosis has confined him to a wheel chair and restricts the use of his limbs, whose genuine affection and great appreciation for Wonton validate everything “Touching Base” strives to do.

Visit the Touching Base website here:

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