I’m not really sure what I think about how the few screens that have been released for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus: his return (or expansion rather) of the Alien (1979) universe he created nearly thirty years ago.
The details for Prometheus have been closely guarded, and Scott has only really commented that the film will not have so much to do with the Alien series, but that “the keen fan will recognize strands of its DNA”. Being a keen Alien fan myself (and I consider the quadrology as the only salient alien films worth seeing), I’m pretty damn psyched to see a film that at least semi-explains the origins of a film series that I’ve been drooling over since I was in grade 2. 
The only thing that throws me off about the screen captures is how incredibly clean everything looks. I love the dark, industrial, gritty, soot covered world that Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) kicks ass in, and seeing Charlize Theron in a Star Trek Enterprise styled cockpit throws me off. BUT, it is interesting to think of what can be deduced from this bright and fresh looking world that so many years later is eroded to the cloudy prism that is the Alien universe.
It’s late, and I’ve been thinking about Alien too much- been here wayyy too many times before.
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