How to Make It In America

Ah, so another season of HBO’s New York street culture expose How to Make it in America comes to a close with its season finale airing yesterday night. This season definitely turned the heat up a notch, as we see main characters Cam and Ben expand their company CRISP NYC, sort out their love lives, and take their biggest risks yet. This all made for a more invigorating and generally progressive plot than the first season which seemed like a drawn out pilot episode. Overall a good season, but I’m a bit disappointed that this ride into New York subculture, glam, glitz, and gritz only lasted 8 episodes.

What’s still interesting to me is not that the show receives criticism, because hey lets get real its no Sopranos, but much rather what people tend to criticize it for. After its initial release, Mark Perigard of the Boston Herald slammed How to Make It saying “this sad sack of a show plays like an East Coast, economically challenged version of his HBO hit ‘Entourage’”. Hey, wait a minute, the show is about two guys who are broke trying to make it in New York city, a metropolis renowned for eating people alive, so wouldn’t it make sense that the show isn’t as glossy as its West Coast cousin Entourage. Maybe its because the show doesn’t showcase its main characters rolling around in a yellow hummer and partying with Malibu princesses that some people (people of Perigard’s generation) don’t find it interesting. Isn’t anyone interested in the struggle anymore? The underdog story? So what if we have to wade in other people’s shitty lives, I kind of thought that was the point of a show like How to Make It. Showing the gritty reality of what its like to ‘need a dollar’.  Hey I need a dollar, a dollar is what I need…

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