This Week in Grolsch Film Works 06/16/2013

bling ring

By GFW Staff

5 Reasons to See The Bling Ring

Oliver Lunn

So, it turns out, after all the hype, Sofia Coppola’s true-crime tale of spoiled L.A. adolescents, The Bling Ring, was a bit of a letdown. There we were, hoping it would follow in the footsteps of David Fincher‘s The Social Network as another pertinent film about today’s Facebook generation; but no, Sofia’s film barely scrapes the surface. And yet, we still reckon it’s worth checking out, if only for these five simple reasons…

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Top 10 Worst Abuses of CGI

Clarisse Loughrey

“You know how the script has this scene where these two characters have a conversation? Well, maybe these characters could have that conversation in the middle of a battle between robots and dinosaurs in a laser disco while a fireworks factory explodes behind them.” – every producer ever. Why not save the time and effort and just throw a bucket of money at the camera? We get it, you blew the budget on this. And sometimes you guys just get too ambitious and these crimes against judgement happen…

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Terror Cotta Horror All-Nighter 2013

Anton Bitel

Nestled (un)comfortably between the Leslie Cheung retrospectives, the Spotlight on Indonesia strand and all the new Asian titles that make up this year’s Terracotta Film Festival, there is also the neatly named Terror Cotta all-nighter. Last Friday, filmgoers at London’s Prince Charles Cinema off Leicester Square were kept wide awake by five of the latest horror features…

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