This Week in Grolsch Film Works 01/06/2013

The Terminatr

By GFW Staff

Fashion in Film: Sneakers

Sophia Satchel Baeza

Back in 1991, Public Enemy’s Chuck D made his sneaker statement pretty clear in Shut ‘Em Down: “I like Nike but wait a minute/ The neighbourhood supports so put some money in it.” A decade or so later, The Pack would seem to follow Chuck’s advice: “Man, we be sporting Vans and we throw away Nikes/ If you wanna get right, stop buying those Nikes.” Sneakers quickly became an emblem of subcultural identification

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Female Vampires

Top 10: Female Vamps

Ashley Clarke

Veteran Irish director Neil Jordan returns this week with Byzantium, an odd and enjoyable fantasy-thriller which melds the sensual, female-focused imagery of his 1984 Angela Carter adaptation The Company of Wolves with the camp theatricality of his box-office success Interview with the Vampire a decade later.

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5 Reasons Why The Vampire Genre Hasn’t Lost It’s Bite

Clarisse Loughrey

You know what’s incredible? The Twilight franchise ended and we all survived. Now we can all go live in a glorious post-Twilight world where the sky always shines blue and people spend all day frolicking and making daisy chains. However, the celebration can only last so long before we’re faced with the tough questions: where do vampire movies go from here?

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