This Week in Grolsch Film Works 08/03/2013

By GFW Staff

Top 10 Robots

Ashley Clark

Into UK cinemas this week comes Robot & Frank, a charming and funny tale about a retired cat burglar (Frank Langella) who has a softly-spoken robot butler foisted upon him by his son. Inspired by this heartwarming film, we’ve picked out a handful of our favourite robots in cinema. Who did we miss? Tell us in the comments section below, and be warned, there are some spoilers around these here parts.

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Interview with Franck Khalfoun

Martin Conterio

Franck Khalfoun joined forces with acclaimed horror filmmaker Alexandre Aja and Middle-earth’s Frodo (Elijah Wood) to direct a startlingly good remake of Maniac, based on the 1980 psycho horror, remembered mostly for the gore effects designed by Tom Savini as well as Joe Spinell’s bug-eyed performance. We spoke with Khalfoun about taking on the job and why, oddly, he doesn’t like remakes much.

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The Shining

Top 10 Dysfunctional Families

Charles Graham Dixon 

Backstabbing, incest, cannibalism, blood-drinking, grave-robbing and re-animation – it’s these lovely past times that form the essential criteria to gaining a place in our prestigious collection of dysfunctional movie families. If you thought your family dinners were weird, you obviously haven’t met these guys yet.

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