This Week in Grolsch Film Works 02/03/2013

Russ Meyer

By GFW Staff

Top 10 Strange and Awkward Directors

Oliver Lunn

It’s pretty much impossible to read a review of Terrence Malick’s new film, To the Wonder, without coming across the words “reclusive director”. Christ, even our own review includes them. With that in mind, we’ve been mulling over other strange and awkward directors whose reputations precede them wherever they go, and who, if we were given the chance, we’d love to have one big, slightly awkward party with.

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Top 10 Most Embarrassing Early Roles 

Clarisse Loughrey

We all have some relic of the past that we live in constant fear of people discovering, whether it’s that school photo that so perfectly captures our ‘awkward phase’, or the video evidence of that one year we joined the dance club and had to dress up like an icicle and roll around the floor to Madonna’s ‘Frozen’. OK, so that second one was maybe a little too specific. It should be pretty easy, then, to sympathise with these famous actors and the early roles they’d rather forget. That said, if I ever meet Nicole Kidman, the first thing I’m going to ask her is whether she did all her own stunts in BMX Bandits.

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Top 10 Cry-Faces

Clarisse Loughrey

I’ve yet to see Les Miserables, but I’ve been told it contains a lot of scenes of sad people. Specifically sad people crying. One of those people is Anne Hathaway, who is so talented at crying with her face that she’s already won a Golden Globe for it (with an Oscar likely on its way). Therefore, in celebration of the film’s release and Hathaway’s awards circuit victories, here’s 10 other people whose cry-faces are simply spectacular to behold.

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