This Week in Grolsch Film Works 03/02/2013

By GFW Staff

Interview: Sarah Gadon

Tom Seymour

Cronenberg cast her in A Dangerous Method as Michael Fassbender‘s wife Emma Yung without ever meeting her, before casting her again as Robert Pattinson‘s elusive poet foil in Cosmopolis. After meeting her in Cannes, David’s son Brandon cast her in his debut feature Antiviral, a near future sci-fi in which desperate fans pay to be injected with their idol’s viruses – to gain intimacy through illness. Gadon plays Hannah Geist, an ethereal superstar suffering from the most coveted virus in the world. She tells us about her concerns in taking on the part.

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Film Inspired Band Names

Oliver Lunn

Coming up with a name for your band is always a tricky one. Should you reach for the dictionary, close your eyes and flip to an arbitrary page? Or should you head over to the Wu-Tang name generator and get yourself something that will no doubt raise a few eyebrows? For the bands below, the solution was simple: sift through those old, obscure VHS tapes under your bed; there’s bound to be a catchy straight-to-video title in there somewhere.

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Bill Murray

Five Reasons Why We Can Forgive Bill Murray for Hyde Park on Hudson

Clarisse Loughrey

So, Bill Murray made a bad movie. The critics have passed their judgement on Hyde Park on Hudson, and it’s not looking good. Now, before everyone has a breakdown because (between this and the Beyonce lip-synching scandal) the world seems to have no more meaning, let’s just step back and put this into perspective for a moment, OK?

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