This Week in Grolsch Film Works 12/01/2013

Taxi Driver

By GFW Staff

Craziest Oscar Snubs of All Time

Ashley Clarke

By now it’s a safe bet that many – if not all – of you will have worked yourself into a rabid froth of indignation over the latest batch of Oscar noms. “What do you mean The Master hasn’t been nominated for Best Picture”, you’ll scream. “How could they ignore Javier Bardem for Best Supporting Actor?”, you’ll holler. “Why is Seth McFarlane?”, you’ll weep.

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Run Lol Run

Top 10 Berlin Films

Sophia Satchel Baeza

More than any other European city, Berlin can be seen as the ultimate melting-pot mix of different events and ideologies. Its heady history of Weimar decadence, Communist power and now bourgeois gentrification makes it a fascinating focus for cinema. Quicker than a queue for Berghain, we’d like to run down our top ten Berlin films…

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Jennifer Lynch

Interview: Jennifer Lynch

Joseph Walsh

Jennifer Lynch’s latest horror offering, Chained, tells the story of lumbering, cab-driving, serial killer Bob (Vincent D’Onofrio) and his unwilling younger partner Rabbit (Eamon Farren), whom he captured as a child in order to train him as his protégé. All too often Lynch (daughter of the legendary David Lynch) is put in the shadow of her father’s prestigious career or being labeled as a misogynist director. We got the inside scoop from the woman herself.

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