RiFF RAFF: Rap Game Cassius Clay (Video)


By Brandon Bastaldo

As young MTV, SODMG, Riff Raff’s online empire continues to blow up because of this Houston, Texas native’s off the wall work ethic and frequent collabs with fellow internet sensations like Lil Debbie and Andy Melonokas, one thing is for sure: as Jody Christian’s skills on the mic steadily and surprisingly flourish—seriously, he’s come a long way from his inaudible beginnings on From G’s to Gents— so does his rapid fire video flow. Yesterday, Riff Raff dropped the visuals for his latest track “Ace of Space”, and with a subtle allusion to the mid-90’s essential Space Jam, lots of ass shaking and finger twisting, Riff Raff shows that he plans to continue his steady ascent to the top.

Standing in a league of prolific internet video production only otherwise populated by Lil B the BasedGod, Riff Raff drops a new video almost every week. Only about a week ago, he dropped the hot pink, Kelly Kapowski-influenced video for his rap game Rocky Marciano track “Now they Mad”. Looking like it was filmed in the wilds of Calgary and fueled by a lean diet of Sizzurp and Gatorade, the video for this sporty, rise to fame track directed by Hi Def pushes a radically different and calmed down style of eccentricity than what we see in latest track “Ace of Space”.

Riff Raff‘s latest visuals for “Ace of Space” see music video director Dan Centrone crafting a production that proves people are finally getting closer and closer to actually being able to place a liquor soaked camera inside of Raff‘s head and ultimately letting us into Jody Christian’s topsy-turvy world where glammed up ladies constantly shake their booties in your faces while rocking Raff’s signature jewelry.

Now being familiar with any rapper’s jewelry game isn’t something I really care to do, but honestly, there hasn’t been a rapper since 50 Cent that has made his jewelry game so memorable. Even if you’ve got you’re eight-track player loaded with Nickleback‘s greatest hits–I’m sure there is someone out in Northwest Territories that’s doing this– you’d be lying if you said you’ve never seen Riff Raff‘s vision blurring, John Hancock MTV Riff Raff pendant, or his signature Jody Highroller Texas Hold ’em rings.

Sporting something like Friday‘s Big Worm‘s infamous pimp perm, Riff Raff hits this party-prep anthem looking pretty and brandishing his now better-known ability to spit extravagant punch lines that literally sound like he somehow audibly replicated the experience of eating caviar off of Ritz crackers.

Ricocheting lyrics like “I got it twisted, 4 AM, still ain’t lit and pretty/ I got your sister sniffin’ coke off my new bitch’s titty,” Riff Raff goes to show that codeine may actually enhance the human brain’s ability to produce well-textured rhymes. With wavy lyrics and playful visuals like this, it’s no wonder why Riff Raff‘s business is booming: “Ace of Space” sees this rap game Cassius Clay gold flexin’ and rocking Snoop from The Wire styled frames. How awesome is that?



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