This Week in Grolsch Film Works 14/12/2012

Luke Kirby

By GFW Staff

Interview: Luke Kirby 

Oliver Lunn

Sandwiched between Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen in Take This Waltz is Luke Kirby, a rising star who, in addition to working with Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams, has starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in Labor Pains, Chloë Sevigny in Shattered Glass and Samuel L. Jackson in Fury. We caught up with Luke on the eve of the film’s DVD release to talk rickshaws, skateboarding and shooting sex scenes with Michelle Williams.

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When Trailers Go Rogue

Ashley Clarke

Before the formula was locked down, a few films took a somewhat unorthodox – and sometimes completely inexplicable – approach to promo. Here are a few examples of trailers that went wildly off the beaten track. This lot will make you laugh, cry and hurl – sometimes all at once. You have been warned…

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Werner HerzogFive Reasons Why Werener Herzog is a Living Legend

Martyn Conterio

Just when you thought Werner Herzog’s acclaimed and illustrious career couldn’t get any more brilliant, the German director decides to take a role in Tom Cruise’s forthcoming thriller, Jack Reacher. Yes, the world’s biggest movie star and the man who once ate his own shoe on film (after losing a bet) will appear together on the big screen. To celebrate this latest slice of magnificent bizarreness from Herzog, here are five reasons why we consider the director a living legend.

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