Jo Casino’s Weed & André (Video)

Weed & Andre

By Brandon Bastaldo

Jo Casinos latest visuals for “Weed & André” produced by Chris Calor and off his recently dropped mixtape Spacebound hit internet land a couple of days ago. Thankfully though, “Weed & André” hears the VA native flaunting his increasingly impressive lyrical flow while also reworking the–now very typical–hipster-hop practice of drinking Old English in a song about something just a little bit more lavish– cause really, only real G’s drink sparkling wine, ya dig?

Casino’s unofficial anthem for the Cali home-grown, E & J Gallo Winery’s four bucks a pop bottle of bubbly (Andre) features Casino and various members of VA’s Seven Hills crew indulging in the finer things in life; big bong hits, lots of straight-from-the-bottle sipping in smoked out rooms, and burning doobies beside the river.

Weed & Andre

With video appearances and shout outs to Casino’s homies like Cons, The Child and a guy who’s part tiger, part human, “Weed & Andre” adds a nice touch to the celebratory vibe the Casino’s playful rap always promotes. With smooth and downright sleek visuals courtesy of NoNameNoBrain Prodcutions— a Richmond VA media group who have worked extensively with Casino and the Seven Hills crew before– “Weed & Andre” pays dutiful respect to its “under 5 dollar” isle, liquor store subject matter.

Casino’s lyrics have a lot of youthful verve to them, but don’t let his blooming sound fool you as this young rapper packs some clever and poignant rhymes into this seemingly carefree tune. Sandwiched between a rap about weed and sweet champagne, Casino lets us in on his feelings on abortions for gold diggers:

“Not to sound obnoxious/ but if I jump up in it/ I gotta use some caution/ cause when you getting all this money/ aint no abortions/ better get a condom before she want your whole fortune/ I ain’t Paul McCartney/ I will kill a heart quick/ feed it that extended clip/ oops, the trigger slipped.”

Most of all, “Weed & Andre” comes as a notable progression in Casino’s emerging sound. Shifting further away from unfiltered hip hop to a sounds that are slightly chopped and purple hued like Spacebound’s gorgeous cover art, Casino is a talented rapper clearly on his come up.

Spacebound sounds like it was broadcasted from deep-space and hears Casino collaborating with his faithful producers like Nugget, Cons, The Child and Franz Solo. While ultra-wavy, Spacebound also gives us a taste of Casino’s obvious prowess when it comes to mixing swag and consciousness, and his mystical sounding interlude “Fuck Mitt Romney”, is case in point here.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing and seeing much more from Jo Casino, NoNameNoBrainProductions and the Seven Hills crew. In the meanwhile, I’ll just chill and watch pro-life sympathizers re-think the taste of four dollar champagne, cannabis and the fact that after “legitimate rape,” women’s bodies can’t just “shut that whole thing down.”

You can check out the rest of Jo Casino’s Spacebound mixtape here.



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