Grandmilly and Th@ Kid Take Us Underground (Album Review)


By Brandon Bastaldo

Released for free download early last week, Lords of the Underground kicks off with Blackland Raider Klan affiliate 2.7.5 Grandmilly chanting “Grand…Grandmilly in this bitch, Th@ Kid in this bitch.” Sure, this might sound a little primitive (but hey which rapper’s grunts and groans don’t?) rest assured that Milly sets us on the right path to this platinum plated, trill-odyssey.

Lords of the Underground hears both Milly’s Raider Klan tornado-rap flow and wunderkind rapper/music video mastermind Th@ Kid’s based, Team $E$H steez spun together to craft an impressive Three 6 Mafia and Master P homage piece that  hits lyrical licks on levels one would think far beyond the reach of both young MC’s.

Coming off the heels of Bvndvnvz & Blvck Mvgic , Grandmilly drops onto this short, albeit powerful, collaboration with full force with “Friday the 13”—a track that stuffs us in the trunk while some low riding maniac heads out on a sizzurp and Swisher run.

The constantly expanding Raider Klan—I mean seriously, they’re bigger than Wu-Tang now—are renowned for housing members like Ethelwulf , Yung Simmie and Denzel A.K. Curry who knock you out of the box with their spit fire, Eazy E on speed raps.

But Milly proves he can stand with the best of them, as his morose rhymes rapidly paint pictures of streets running red with blood, murder scenes and thugs wielding chrome plated pieces in one hand, gripping double stacked Styrofoam in the other.

But that’s really only one half of the sound of “Friday the 13th”, and when Th@ Kid aka The Skinny White Pimp steps up to the plate his slow creeping flow works like an audacious officiator of his being a thug life authority. Th@ Kid alternates between creepy smooth statements and rowdy blasé lyrics, and his style leaves one wondering if this young rapper should have been riding Master P’s gold No Limit tank in 97.

On “The Paper”, we hear Milly slow it down—a change of pace that I don’t prefer but any song that samples American Beauty is always be fine by me.

The hot and cool combination between Milly and Th@ Kid allows for Lords of the Underground to take us from the Raider Klan tomb into the Team $E$H catacombs stacked with weed nugs, blunt wraps and old CRT TV’s continuously looping Baller Blockin.

With a voice like slow working poison, Th@ Kid flourishes on each of his short, yet highly potent features. Milly and Th@ Kid get phonkey on “Skinny White Pimp”, a track originally featured on Th@kid’s White Rapper mixtape released earlier this year. The song gets an upgrade with a tightly spun verse from Milly and its funk flow leaves me wondering when Milly and/or Th@ Kid plan to work with Raider Klan phonk specialist OG Key Nyata.

Not only a virtuoso of the Hot Boy/ Master P flow, Th@ Kid rips one of the downright flyest “sickest and wickedest” melody rhymes schemes I’ve ever heard on “Hennessy”.

Practically taking us back in time, Th@kid flourishes on this appetizer for a hopefully full length main course album from Milly and Th@Kid alternates between proving why he should be made an honorary member of Bone Thugs N Harmony, or that he could rightfully pass for Project Pat’s illegitimate son.

Download Lords of the Underground here.



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