This Week in Grolsch Film Works 30/11/2012

True Romance

By GFW Staff

Top 10 Mental Lovers 

Sophia Satchell Baeza

Our top ten crazy lovers, in honour of the recent release of Xavier Dolan’s epic love affair Laurence Anyways, really don’t care who sees. Right on. So here’s to acting bat-sh*t crazy in the name of love.

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The Empire Project

Interview: Directors of The Empire Project 

Sopiah Satchel Baeza

Three years, over 140,000 miles, a series of films, video journalism, commemorative tattoos and even a range of ‘Colonial Cocktails’ – it’s clear that the Unintended Consequences of Embarking on an Experimental Documentary Project might just be that it takes over your life. Kel O’Neill, one half of the filmmaking duo, explains this when I asked them…

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Cynthia Rothrock in Rage and Honour

Top 10 Martial Arts Movie Icons

Martyn Conterio

With the release of RZA’s martial arts homage, the intriguingly-titled The Man with the Iron Fists, we thought it a great time to roll call some of the screen’s finest purveyors of kick-ass fisticuffs. Some you may know, some you may not – all deserve their place.

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