This Week in Grolsch Film Works 02/11/12

By GFW Staff

Skate Boarding Films: Cinema for Shredders

Oliver Lunn

Sometimes skate videos just aren’t enough. What you need is a narrative, a well-shot film, none of that shaky hand-held camerawork by skaters who never went to film school. Oh, and some hot actresses might help spice things up a bit, too.

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Joaquin Phoenix’s 5 Greatest Performances

Oliver Lunn

We must admit, we were a little – just a little – bit disappointed that Joaquin Phoenix’s venture into hip-hop was all a hoax. Not that we didn’t want to see him bust his acting moves anymore, we just wanted to see “Young Pheezy” spit some more ill rhymes on the mic. That shizzle is the real dizzle right there.

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David Bowie: The Actor Who Fell To Earth

Sophia Satchell Baeza

Making a case for David Bowie’s genius has to be a definite example of Stating The Bleeding. But as an actor? Well, in a weird way, it just kind of works. Bowie’s otherworldly aura, and his ability to make even the plain ridiculous look like part of a well-thought out performance persona, means he gets away with Film Murder.

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