A Legacy of Brutality: My top 10 Misfits songs

By Brandon Bastaldo

Happy Halloween, or Samhain, or whatever the fuck you wanna call it! Today’s post is inspired by a midnight listening session I had yesterday. I completely tripped out for the 100000X listening to the Misfits something I’m not ashamed to admit has happened quite a few times.

I think the Misfits founded and led by Glenn Danzig in Lodi, New Jersey 1977– have always been an attraction for me because of their highly referential horror-punk sound. Danzig, a lover and collector of B-movies, comic books and horror films has always made his bizzaro tastes bleed into his sound. So when I listen to a song like Hollywood Babylon, it always strikes a higher cord with me rather than being just a song named after Hollywood.

(If you’ve got a liking for cinema nostalgia and haven’t checked out Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, I assure you you will be in bliss)

I give you my Top 5 Misfits songs, that are in no particular order of greatness because they’re all so damn good.

*You’ll notice that most if not all of these songs are pre American Psycho, which is the Misfits first album released after Danzig left the group in 1983. I don’t fuck with anything that doesn’t have Glenn Danzig’s voice on it, that’s the truth.

Hollywood Babylon 

Album: Static Age

Who else but the Misfits would make an entire song named after a Lucifer-worshiping, experimental filmmaker’s book about the gruesome exploits of Studio/ silent era Hollywood?  I’m sure Kenneth Anger sacrificed some goats to this one…

Devil’s Whorehouse

Album: Walk Among us

The visuals this one evokes come through with every ‘slap’: A dim hallway radiated by neon red lights. Doors creeking open to show leather clad women and men whipping each other– it gets no creepier than this. The added slapping noises here are one of my favorite effects ever added to a Misfits song.

Beetlejuice would definitely dig this


Album: Walk Among Us

“Collect the heads of little Girls and put em on my wall.

HACK the heads of little girls, and put em on my wall.”

Perhaps proving that Glenn Danzig is the only person capable of making a song about dismembering little girls sound cool.

Hybrid Moments

Album: Static Age

There comes that odd time when a filmmaker or musician can nail a totally indescribable feeling. With that said, this might be the only ode to that bloody satisfaction that serial killers/cannibals everywhere party to. Maybe that’s why it was used in the closing credits of Jackass: The Movie.


Album: Halloween Single

“Candy apple’s and razor blades…” I couldn’t make this list without this song, but Halloween or no Halloween, it still holds its place as one of my Misfit fav’s.

TV Casualty

Album: Static Age

“But please don’t feed my television screen.

Please Don’t Feed My Television Screen.



We Are 138

Album: Static Age

Its said that the 138 in this song’s title refers to George Lucas’ UCLA student film THX-1138 about humans who are grown, programmed and used like robots. Misfits’ bassist Jery Only and guitarist Bobby Steele have backed this idea, stating that the song is in fact a reference to Lucas’ movie. In response, Danzig– who has only said the song is “about violence”–  says “they didn’t write it and they don’t know what the fuck its about.”

 Astro Zombies

Album: Walk Among Us

A Misfits staple.

Night of the Living Dead

Album: Walk Among Us

“Only-ones, lonely-ones, Ripped up like shredded-wheat

Only-ones, lonely-ones, Be a sort of human picnic”

Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight

Album: Walk Among Us/ Earth A.D./ Wolfs Blood

Instantly one of my favorite Misfits tunes, this one has it all: ferocity, macabre and a crazy temp switch up. Originally appearing as a live recording on Walk Among Usa re-recorded version of Mommy, Can I go out and Kill Tonight was also featured on the re-release of Earth A.D./ Wolfs Blood. but this is the only way the song should be listened to.

“Killed a girl on lover’s lane

I kept her toes and teeth

Every night I stalk around until I find my keep

I’ll bring back a souvenir

For it’s my mommy’s dream”


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