I don’t really understand why Kreayshawn’s latest music video Summertime is labelled just as a “Pseudo VHS Video”. Posted on her you tube account, Krae may be speaking the truth, and Summertime may have been made to look like a creation straight out of late 80’s early nineties VHS days, but this still doesn’t take away from the truth of the viral WGM (White Girl Mob)leader’s latest music video experiment. Summertime opens with what appears to be a scratchy VHS tracking problems, and what ensues is odd- but certainly eye capturing. We see Krae cruising around in her ride, modeling her bruised and battered Chuck Taylors, and smiling under palm trees while a mystery person records each of her cutesy/ stoned-yet-graceful movements.

When Kraeyshawn first hopped on the scene in 2011 with Gucci Gucci (a fashion party anthem and a tribute to the then incarcerated V-Nasty all in one), many (however reluctant) couldn’t deny the ingenuity of Krae’s youthful creation.

Kreayshawn and Lil Debbie in Gucci Gucci (2011)

I was one of these people, who although hardly moved or even swerved by Kraeyshawn’s less than thought provoking lyrics, quickly realized that the heavily based sound and reefer smoking attitude of this girl who has “swag coming out my [her] ovaries” was indeed a promising and pleasurably futuristic example of the youth of hip hop currently taking place. I’m talking about young rappers (I’m talking teenage young) who via the powers  of the world wide web have been able to build their own empires and ensure their immortalization on the world’s largest database of FREE information.

With 36 million Youtube views, I certainly wasn’t the only person to be interested in Krae, and with that type of colossal exposure it’s fair to say that Kraeyshawn is definitely the leaving breathing example of the 21st century hip hop star: drawn and driven by the internet, continually trying to do something ‘different’ than the ‘main stream’, or who Kraey would probably like to call ‘basic bitches’.

Unfortunately after Gucci Gucci, Kraeyshawn fell off the radar for me, her videos and sounds failing to excite and present the same fresh, young, and grimy attitude that I saw in Gucci Gucci. However, not only does her throw back 90’s style in Summertimeinterest me, but I think the visuals and attitude Krae is going for with this single is a step, no a giant leap, in the right direction her career should have been headed.

The video really just showcases Krae wondering around L.A. , lighting blunts, and looking good, very good mind you, for the camera all while her lyrics are dubbed over the muted video track.
The abrupt blips between scenes, looped movements, and generally slowed down style of the video are not only groovy and atmospheric, but help to establish and set Krae’s art apart from everything else that’s going on in the busy hip hop universe of today. Yes, that’s right, I called Kraeyshawn’s work art, and that’s because for all intensive purposes the video for Summertime can’t be called anything else but an experimental video set to she and V-Nasty’s voice over. In an effort not to be disappointed, I’ll still set my bar low for this clearly still developmental artist, but hopefully this won’t be the last we’ll see of this 90’s influenced Krae.

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