Girls as Seen By Boys: Episode 4

I’m not really sure if I learned anything from the 4th and latest instalment of Lena Dunham’s Girls, but for some reason I think that may have been the point of this episode. In the last episode (Hannah’s Dairy), we are abruptly left off where Marnie’s push over boyfriend Charlie confronts both Marnie and Hannah while he’s on stage performing in his sad two man band. What he’s doing here is trying to expose Marnie as the shallow and unloving woman that he read about in Hannah’s diary.

In the newest episode (Hard Being Easy), we open with Charlie forcing Hannah to do an awkward re-reading of the hurtful truths about Marnie and Charlie’s relationship, as they all sit in Marnie and Hannah’s apartment.

Okay, so even before Charlie goes loco on both girls and storms out of the room with his hand made hipster coffee table, I was already arrested by the ridiculous incredulity of the set up of this confrontation. CHARLIE, who doesn’t live at the girls’ apartment, was snooping around in Hannah’s room, rifling through Hannah’s stuff and finds something Hannah wrote about his relationship. Yet, somehow this is Hannah’s fault? Although this episode played down Marnie’s displeasure towards Hannah’s actions, we can’t forget that last episode ended with Marnie throwing a drink in Hannah’s face because of just this. Where’s the continuity here?

STILL, this is one of the prime examples of why I find Girls so damn frustrating and hard to understand. I mean, all I could do was put myself in Hannah’s position (that’s what the show wants you to do, right?)and imagine some guy yelling at me in MY apartment because he went through MY stuff and didn’t like what he read. I’m sorry, but fuck you Charlie- maybe you should keep your (or in this case your friend’s) curious little hands to yourself.

It seems like the central theme of this episode revolves around the girls trying to exercise some control in their own lives. Hannah attempts to seduce, extort, then threaten her boss (all to no avail), Jessa meets up with an old flame to bang him and throw him out of her apartment, and Marnie spends the rest of the episode trying to get Charlie to bat his eye lashes at her again.

Hey! Look at me! I want you to step on my balls!

Although Hannah’s attempts with her boss fail, she finds unexpected comfort in making her pervy ape of a hipster boyfriend become the sub in their relationship. Walking out of the bathroom to see Adam Sackler shaking one out, begging to be humiliated, I was happy to see Hannah take control of this unseen ‘deviance’ that Adam so badly craved, especially when she makes this uncaring sack of shit apologize to her 3 whole times. But as the episode plays out, I started noticing some subtle nuances, particularly in what was happening with these male characters, that really made me unsure of what exactly Girls has to say here (I think this might be the central theme of the show). Charlie nonchalantly tells Marnie he watches porn, Jessa makes her old BF bust a nut then embarrasses him when she gets the final one up on him, and Hananh finds out that Adam has some secret kinks that one wouldn’t ever expect from his typically assoholian character.

It then struck me that maybe Girls is making a really clever comment with these three males: the men of the 21st century who unashamedly jack it to internet porn, have humiliation fantasies, and despite trendy fedora’s that signal confidence will do anything to bang their ex girlfriends half way through a fire escape. Even more interesting is the grand gesture of all this: being that despite our ‘21st century maleness’- our brains are still puny machines with little tiny cogs, oiled by even the slightest hope of us having sex. All of these dudes have sex (well Adam’s act isn’t really considered sex but you get the picture) with the girls, only after to be illuminated by how one track their minds really are. Whatever the case may be, my mind certainly did A LOT of work to pick that out of this abrupt episode- another episode in which I felt nothing really happened. I guess I’ll just keep waiting for something to…

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