Drapers vs. Sterlingcoopers

Rewatching Mad Men, I’m still amazed to find that this show holds so many intricacies that graciously unfurl with repeated viewings. In this episode, I was first taken back by the similarity in both character’s dress:
Seeing that Pete Campbell (left) wants to emulate everything that is Donald Draper (right), its not really all that surprising. What really startled me was the then stunning polarity between the ‘Drapers’ and these fellows:
Notice Cooper, Pryce, and Sterling’s suit choices. Even in this show that is directly defined by its age, its clear that its writers are well aware of everything on the periphery of this time period. They represent such with an impeccable subtly that makes me feel that Mad Men is one of the most delicately intricate shows to hit T.V. since the Sopranos. Mad Men  is on AMC, a ‘cable television specialty channel’, which is much different from the status that HBO affords itself as being a ‘premium cable television network’. It’s always a nice to be reminded that some times good things come in more affordable and less than ‘premium’ packages.
Catch the 2 hour premier of the 5th season of Mad Men on March 25 on AMC.

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